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3 Essential Reasons You Need Help for Your Pain Management in Nashville  


Over 100 million Americans live with chronic pain. Simply accepting that the pain will always exist isn’t beneficial: there are things you can do to help.

Chronic pain can cause depression, tension throughout the body (leading to further aches and pains including migraines), or reliance on narcotic pain medication. You don’t have to deal with chronic pain yourself. You are not alone.

These are your top three reasons to work with a pain management team in Nashville to minimize your pain and feel better. There is hope to minimize your pain and get your life back!

  1. Chronic Pain Can Lead to Depression

 Although research has shown that an existing medical condition can influence depression, it also works the other way around: depression can influence your risk for chronic medical conditions.

So not only can chronic pain lead to depression, but depression could lead to chronic pain. When you suffer from chronic pain as the result of a condition such as rheumatoid arthritis, cancer, or multiple sclerosis, depression can set in.

Depression is treatable but your chronic pain may be too. While getting treatment for your depression, seeking help and support for your chronic pain can help alleviate the burden of your symptoms.

Many people with chronic pain see numerous doctors who aren’t sure how to treat chronic pain. This is because these physicians may not specialize in chronic pain and aren’t sure how to get to the root cause of your discomfort. When you seek support through a qualified pain management clinic, you can work to address the root of your problem to help minimize your pain.

  1. Pain Causes Tension Throughout the Body

The existence of pain can lead to more pain. This is because chronic pain can cause long-term tension in the body. Just as migraine headaches can be the result of tense neck muscles, so can muscular pain be the result of long-term pain in the body.

If your chronic pain goes untreated, you could be setting yourself up for additional pain. Even fear of pain—or thinking about pain—can cause muscle tension and more discomfort. Instead of dealing with the effects of your chronic pain, you need a support team that can effectively help you manage your daily pain.

When you work with a team of professionals who specialize in finding and treating the source of your pain, you can experience relief. These techniques will not be the same for everyone, since no two people’s pain is the same.

You can stop fearing and stressing out about your pain. It’s time to get the help you need to live your life again in Nashville.

  1. Reliance on Pain Medication Is a Real Problem


In 2015, there were more prescriptions for pain medication than there are people in Tennessee—7.8 million prescriptions for 6.5 million people. Reliance on opioid pain medication is a real problem for people who suffer from chronic pain in Nashville.

When it feels like pain medication is the only thing that helps your pain, it’s time to seek outside support. Although beneficial in some cases and for specific periods of time, pain medication is useful. However, having to take pain medication for the rest of your life can develop a chronic addiction that eventually won’t help your chronic pain.

You have other options. A good pain management clinic can help you discover what works for you. “A pain management clinic can use a variety of interventions to minimize chronic pain,” says Heather Haynes, office manager at The Center for Spine, Joint & Neuromuscular Rehabilitation in Nashville.

“The interventions that are commonly used are injections, platelet rich plasma therapy, stem cells, spinal cord stimulators, and intrathecal pain pumps. A good pain management clinic will also offer emotional support through a counseling department to help their patients develop coping skills such as meditation and relaxation techniques.”

You don’t have to let chronic pain stop you from living your best life in Nashville. Seeking help to identify and treat the source of your pain can change your life. Consider these three essential reasons to find the right pain management clinic in Nashville. It could make all the difference. There is hope for a pain-free life! 

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