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Tue 24, 2016
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Nashville Restaurants
Neighborhood Cuisine
Pancho Villa Grill-Goodlettsville
233 Long Hollow Pike, Goodlettsville, TN 37072
Neighborhood : Middle TN- Other    Phone : 615- 855-2955
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Tonight I took 3 frends for dinner... Server was slow and incorrect in orders... one of our party has allergys! was very specific about no beans AND no peppers of course order was incorrect and came with beans all over it.. and green peppers that were asked to be ommited as well. ok 2nd try... all that was done was a new plate and used the same fish entree with new rice.... turned over fish and the back was covered with the prior served beans... what do these persons notunderstand about being allergic to some items. and to try and pass off the same thing without a new entree item... is totally unacceptable. would they have rather sent her to the hospital and the possible law suit... when manager was asked to remove charges for the entree... his comment was .. well she ate it didnt she.. that was not the question. I gave the establishment the oportunity to correct their mistake... and they did not... then to make things all that much worse... 6 other guest at the establishment... wanted to start a out and out brawl in the parking lot and fight us.. sling all sorts of language and threats of injury at us... the former patrons for this sad and poorly run estabishment. and all of this over a $9.oo sharge... what a stupid and costly mistake on thier part.... i nor my 6-10 friends will ever go back again... and I will be speaking to the manager regarding this matter in the am.... this is a very bad way to treat your customers that eat there at least once a week.... well that will not happen again... and i hope others that have issues will also post.... and leave them high and dry... sorry little boys... we in America do not treat long standing customers that way...
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Tuesday 3rd February 2015, 10:21 pm
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