The Oak Ridge Boys Celebrate 41st Anniversary With President George H.W. Bush

ORB_Bush41_socks_189_medWith a legacy that stretches across 6 decades, encompasses more than 40 million albums sold, and includes numerous iconic hit singles such as “Elvira,” “American Made,” and “Y’all Come Back Saloon,” it’s no wonder that The Oak Ridge Boys are a favorite of President George H.W. Bush. 2014 marks the 41st anniversary of the Oak Ridge Boys—who better to celebrate with than the 41st President of the United States?

Earlier this year Duane, Joe, William Lee, and Richard – known as The Oak Ridge Boys – spent some time with former President “41” Bush and Barbara Bush before their show in Galveston, Texas. The ‘Boys knew ahead of time that the former President would be in attendance, so they wore brightly-colored socks in his honor. After the show, President Bush came backstage where The Oaks revealed their fashionable stockings to him. The 41st President, and vibrant sock-wearing advocate, was thrilled to see the group following the trend he started. Photos of the picture-perfect moment will appear in the April issue of People Country available in stores today.

Reminiscing about the first time they performed for then-VP Bush on the lawns of the White House in 1983, the Oaks’ Joe Bonsall said, “I remember he specifically asked for “Freckles” off the Saloon album, and that just blew us away. After he became president we sang for him many, many times, and we still sing for him today. In fact when he and Barbara came to see us just a few weeks ago in Galveston, Texas, we had “An American Family” ready for him. That song has always been a favorite of his.”

The Oak Ridge Boys are not only celebrating 41 years together, but are also preparing to release their first-ever LIVE album. Cleopatra Records will release Boys Night Out on April 15th.

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