The Concert That Changed Gary Allan’s Life

Gary AllanAnyone who’s a fan of Gary Allan’s music can hear that it’s rooted in tradition…but you can also hear a bit of an edge that sets him apart. And that may be traced – in part – to the concert that he says “changed” his life. It was a performance by the mid-‘80s lineup, The Highwaymen – a sort of “supergroup” made up of Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, Kris Kristofferson and Willie Nelson. “I’d seen lots of shows…but it was so ‘hard core,’” he remembers. And Gary really was no stranger to country concerts – his music-loving father had taken him to plenty. But this one was different. “They were just up there with guitars, just singing songs. And it was so cutting to me,” he explains. To this day, Gary admits, “I’ve always loved the deep, deep songs…I love all those guys, and I just love powerful music.”

Gary’s latest hit is “It Ain’t the Whiskey” – a powerful song in its own right – from his Set Your Free album.

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2 comments to The Concert That Changed Gary Allan’s Life

  • Linda Richardson

    I have only deeply like one singer, Elvis Presley. Then when I heard Gary Allan I knew he was my Elvis singer of today.Cc

  • Donna Jones

    I love all of your are my favorite country singer and I hope one day to see you in concert in Tampa… thanks for the music… your an inspiration and I hope you never stop singing….

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