Music Industry Vet Bernard Porter On Artist Development

bpBernard Porter first came to Nashville from Virginia when he was 14 playing pedal steel and guitar. One of the first people he worked for, Roni Stoneman, told him not to get in to the music business. He didn’t listen. He’s now been in the business over 27 years and Porter excelled in the business end of music and went on to work with well known artists such as Jason Aldean, who he signed to Broken Bow Records, Jerry Lee Lewis, Little Richard, Mr T., Megan Mullins, Joe Diffie and Lila McCann among others. Porter served as Head of A&R (BBR/C4) a Sony Red Distribution label and has also served as an entertainment consultant to large corporations as well as venues including the Mall of America, Dave & Busters and Marriott Hotels.

Though he’s done almost everything in the music business, Porter is probably best known for his A&R skills. His love for developing new talent is what led to his position today as President and founder of PCG Nashville (Premiere Career Guidance), a full service artist development company dedicated to addressing the unique needs of the recording artist.

Here’s what Porter told about PCG’s holistic approach to artist development:

“Most people find us by referral. We have three programs. Athena/Bravo which is for people just getting into the business. We interact just like a doctor’s office. We don’t start out putting these kids in the studio. If you look up “Artist Development” on Google they’ll be 325,000 pages of people who say they do Artist Development. I only know of a couple that have a holistic approach like we do. You don’t put a horse on the track until he knows the track, until he knows how to hit the bell and he knows how to win. Just because you have a horse that runs fast doesn’t mean you put him on the track.

pcg v2

We have a very scientific way of developing someone and there are no guarantees. We have four unique stages a development in our company. Recording doesn’t happen until stage three, if you get to stage three. You have to get there. You have to earn it. Just like a doctor we write a prescription. We have several programs, and this is called the Athena/Bravo program, that’s for people just getting basic skills. We’re trying to define who they are. It’s designed to educate parents as well.

Our most coveted program is the Emerging Artist program. This is for people who are performing and building an audience. Record companies are not going to sign you just because you’re a great singer. We take these artists from their present skill level to record label recording artist readiness.

Then we have PCG PRO, which is our program for professionals. We deal with them on everything from their behavior to nutrition, addiction and spirit. It’s all on a confidential level. We work on everything from marketing strategies to red carpet skills. We customize it to their personal needs.”

Find out more about more about PCG Nashville at or email questions to: [email protected]

Coming soon we’ll talk to Bernard Porter about another project he’s working on called “The country music highway road to fame.”

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4 comments to Music Industry Vet Bernard Porter On Artist Development

  • Tim Michaels

    I have worked with this man for over one year and I have to say being a part of PCG has been a true blessing. I am in the PRO series and they have helped guide me and make my performance a much better show to attend I just wanted to say a big thanks to PCG of Nashville for all they do for new upcoming artists and ones like myself, in this business there are so many wrong paths that one can take but I thank God every day that they have chosen me to be a part of this great company,, God bless PCG in all you all do.
    Tim Michaels

  • Pamela Hammond

    I feel I have a talent in singing and I love to sing. I have been told by others I sound good singing. What do I do to see if I can go any farther to hopefully become a singer? Do I make a cd and send it there? If so what is the address I send it to?
    Thanks for any reply. Have a good day.

  • Roy May

    So glad I seen this article, Bernard Porter and PCG Institute are second to none in Artist Development. I had the opportunity to meet Bernard Porter while he was working with and Looking for new Artist in Kentucky through the Country Music Highway road to fame, and after speaking with him enrolled my daughter Kelsie May a upcoming new artist from eastern KY and could not be satisfied. PCG has used the Knowledge that Bernard Porter has gained in the many years of being in the Music Industry to be able to take and approach the entire Development of and Artist as a Doctor would Dx an illness or weakness you may have and put you with the providers at PCG to strengthen you needs and they have opportunity to work with the top people in the industry, in a short period of training Kelsie May has opened shows for,John Michael Montgomery, Angaleena Presley, Marty Stewart, Eric Pasley, Tate Stevens, Bucky Covington just to name a few and is having her Blind Audition coming up on the Voice any day know, many thanks to Bernard Porter and his Beautiful wife Molly Porter and all the rest of the many providers and friends at PCG you are the best.

  • I have a daughter who has been in this program over a year and I can say that this has been the best decision we have made regarding her music career. Being a part of PCG has enabled her to benefit from some of the best people and resources in the business, and it has been an invaluable source of guidance for us as parents. PCG has helped my daughter grow as an artist in so many ways that would not have been possible on our own. There are a lot of people out there who will try to take advantage of you in this business, but we have found Bernard and the people at PCG Institute to be people of integrity who really care about the well-being of their artists. I couldn’t recommend this program more.

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