Carrie Underwood Busy Promoting “The Sound of Music Live!”

The Sound of Music Live! - Season 2013Carrie Underwood fans will have multiple opportunities to see her as the days count down to her performance as Maria in the December 5 airing of NBC’s three-hour television production, The Sound of Music Live!, based on the original musical. In addition to her previously announced appearance during the first hour of The 87th Annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade®,

Underwood will also appear on NBC’s Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on Thanksgiving night, Thursday, November 28.
On November 27, viewers will get a look behind the scenes of one of the holiday season’s most anticipated new family broadcasts – including casting, rehearsals, and the making of the companion soundtrack – when NBC debuts the hourlong special, The Making of The Sound of Music Live!, airing at 8 PM ET.

The 87th Annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade will air on Thursday, November 28, from 9 AM – noon, with an encore presentation from 2 – 5 PM (all time zones), on NBC.
Also starring TV and theater star Stephen Moyer and Tony Award winners Audra McDonald, Christian Borle and Laura Benanti, The Sound of Music Live! will air from 8 – 11 PM ET on December 5, on NBC. Last week, NBC posted a special “First Look – The Sound of Music Live!” preview clip, online here.
The Sound of Music Live! will also be released on DVD on December 17.

The companion soundtrack to the live broadcast will be available online and in stores on December 3 from Sony Masterworks. “The Sound of Music” — Music from the NBC Television Event will include studio recordings for all of the musical numbers performed by the cast in the live broadcast. The album is available for pre-order here.

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2 comments to Carrie Underwood Busy Promoting “The Sound of Music Live!”

  • SRD

    What a nightmare THAT was!!!! I went into it with few hopes, and frankly had planned to just tally the misfires, but the entire thing was such a train wreak that I simply sat for 3 hours in complete disbelief. Having come from, Los Angeles with a few years in New York School, this was not even of the quality of my school drama productions.

    blocking and stage direction were obviously pared down, perhaps in part to reduce the opportunities for camera catastrophes, but I think also in part to accommodate Underwood’s inexperience. Bottom line, I’d have rather seen a redeux with Julie Andrews, even at her mature age and given the tragedy of her botched throat surgery! At least her acting chops are still intact.

    And if you’ll forgive me; while no one is more open to promoting a diverse set of performers than I am, casting a black woman as Mother Superior in pre WWII Nazi Europe was the biggest fish story ever! No matter how badly the production needed an A list voice to beef up the ineptitude of the of majority of the cast (hello Stilted Captain and his little Wooden Children; that means YOU!), that was just too far off the scale of probable for me!

    Given the amount of money this production and it’s promotion must have cost, the result is inexcusable! It is no surprise to me that Wal-Mart was the major sponsor, as only their level of regular shopper would find this travesty an entertaining experience.

  • C.U.

    This was a live production without a single mistake (and children) so I’m not sure WHAT you were watching. Not sure where your anger is coming from. Could be you have a problem with black people or feel that you’re above anyone that shops at Walmart. All having come from L.A. with a few years in New York School has done for you has made you very bitter. My guess is you’re a frustrated, unemployed actor. Lighten up. You’ll find work. Try to be positive. We’re pulling for you.
    C. Fisher

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