George Strait's One Regret

Photo by Art Streiber

Photo by Art Streiber

Considering all he’s accomplished in his career – 60 number-one country hits, membership in the Country Music Hall of Fame and…most recently…a CMA Entertainer of the Year nomination that makes him the most-nominated artist in the history of the event – is it possible that George Strait could have any regrets about the path his life and music have taken? You might be surprised to discover the answer to that question is “yes.” “If I have one, [it’s] that I kind of quit writing for years,” the King admits. “Starting out, I loved to write…and then I just kind of got away from it.” In recent years, George’s albums have frequently included his name among the songwriting credits, often alongside his son, Bubba. “I’m enjoying that a lot,” he says with a smile. “It’s a lot of fun.”

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