Scotty Emerick Is A “Million-Air”

BMI’s Sr. Director of Writer/Publisher Relations Mark Mason; BMI’s Director of Writer/Publisher Relations David Preston; Scotty Emerick; and BMI’s Assistant Vice President of Writer/Publisher Relations Clay Bradley.
Photo by Drew Maynard

BMI honored Country songwriter Scotty Emerick with several BMI “Million-Air” Awards recently in Nashville. BMI’s Mark Mason, David Preston and Clay Bradley presented the long-time BMI songwriter with awards representing songwriting and publishing credits for more than 10 million air plays for some of Emerick’s hits, including “I Love This Bar,” “Beer for My Horses,” “As Good As I Once Was,” and “Big Blue Note,” all of which were recorded by superstar Toby Keith. Emerick will soon head overseas with Keith for a USO Tour of the Phillippines, Guam and Hawaii.

“BMI is proud to recognize hit songwriter Scotty Emerick for his many accomplishments. Emerick is a prolific songwriter and honored member of the BMI family,” said BMI’s Assistant Vice President of Writer/Publisher Relations Clay Bradley.

The BMI “Million-Air” Award is given to songwriters, composers and publishers whose songs accumulate to more than one million U.S. broadcast performances. The designation has been bestowed upon many of BMI’s iconic songwriters, including Sir Paul McCartney, Dolly Parton, Isaac Hayes and Roy Orbison. The acknowledgement is a mark of respect and praise for the longevity and resilience of their music.

BMI Nashville presented the last BMI “Million-Air” Awards in March to superstar Toby Keith to acknowledge more than 15 million air plays of songs, including “How Do You Like Me Now?,” “Beer for My Horses,” “She Never Cried in Front of Me” and others.

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