Eric Church Never Expected To Win A CMA

After picking up his first CMA Award for Album of the Year, Eric Church said he’d never expected to win an award in his career. After winning the album category for Chief, Church told reporters backstage he never expected to win a CMA Award in his career. “Our path’s been a little bit different. I distinctly remember playing for about eight people in Amarillo, Texas, about four years ago, and to go from there to here is quite surreal. A lot of it I owe to the fans,” says Eric. “The only way we could get our music out there was to keep playing shows. In doing it that way, we laid this foundation. I think when radio started to come on board and the industry started to come on board, it made it that much sweeter.”

If you weren’t able to catch Eric’s performance of “Springsteen” or his acceptance speech, you have a second chance. CMT will re-broadcast the CMA Awards November 21st at 9pm ET.

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