Hayden Panettiere’s Character On Nashville Is Not “Taylor” Made

Hayden Panettiere’s character, Juliette Barnes, on the ABC drama Nashville is a bit of bad girl, but she says a lot of people still think she based her character on real life country mega-star, Taylor Swift. But Hayden insists, “Aside from being around the same age and blonde, I think we would both agree that the character is definitely not the same. Very different, very different personality-wise, very different music-wise, very different in how they hold themselves in the public eye. It’s just, it’s very different.” When figuring out how to portray the fictional Juliette, Hayden says, “Unless I’m portraying someone that exists or did exist, it’s something new. It’s something that as an actor you really pull from your own experience and you try to find common ground with the character that you’re playing.” Big Machine has just released the first official single from Nashville, sung by Hayden, called “Telescope.” You can hear the song here.

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2 comments to Hayden Panettiere’s Character On Nashville Is Not “Taylor” Made

  • Robert

    The character Hayden Panettiere plays was created by the writers and producers of ‘Nashville’ and Hayden, being the great actress she is, has brought that character to life. She is an experienced and accomplished actress who can take a character and make it her own and do it convincingly.

  • JJ Goode

    Although I’m a bigger fan of Britton, Panettiere’s character is sure to secure her own fans of Nashville. I couldn’t see a resemblance to Swift, but a few friends that work with me at DISH have mentioned that theory before. Either way, Nashville is a good show that has good drama and good music to keep me entertained. I’m saving this entire first season to my Hopper, too. I get nostalgic between episodes, and a DVR with more than enough memory helps me stay patient.

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