Eli Young Band's Success Gives Them Time To Relax . . . A Little

After over a decade of non-stop hard work to get where they are now, Eli Young Band says they’re slowing down a little, but they’re definitely not stopping. “We feel as if we worked hard to open some doors and this isn’t the time to not walk through them,” says Mike Eli. But at the same time, their success has afforded them the opportunity to not have to work at such a break neck pace. “Starting out as a band we’d be on the road two hundred plus dates a year. So, we’ve kind of slowed things down a little bit and we get to go home, where afforded to go home now. We just go hop on the airplane, which is nice instead of staying out on the bus all the time,” says James, but Jon adds, “It continues to be more and more fun which makes it easy to want to keep on seeing where we can take this and stay out on the road and just getting in front of awesome crowds every night… I guess, inherently (it) kind of pushes us to want to continue.” The guys just wrapped up the Changed Tour with Rascal Flatts but they’ll continue to promote their new single, “Say Goodnight,” with their own tour dates through mid-December before taking a short break for the holidays.

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