Lukas Nelson Praised By Kristofferson, Haggard

Lukas Nelson’s been gaining praise for his musical and vocal contributions to his legendary father, Willie Nelson’s new CD, Heroes, for which he contributes to 10 of the 14 tracks, including a riveting duet with his dad on the Eddie Vedder penned Pearl Jam tune “Just Breathe.”

The Pearl Jam frontman called into Willie’s radio show, “Willie’s Roadhouse” on Sirius XM radio the week of the album’s release to chat with the Nelson family. Vedder said that he “was real excited to hear Lukas and his father perform ‘Just Breathe'” and revealed that that he’s been getting great feedback from people who love the father-son duet version of his song.

“Lukas, well, thank you for talking your dad into playing the song,” Vedder told Lukas on the show. “We did it together and singing it together with him as a duet it’s the first thing I’ve done like that with my dad, so it really took on a whole different meaning for me and him. I’ll be something I’ll have forever with him. So thank you for that,” Lukas replied.

Kris Kristofferson, who is featured on Heroes’ “Roll Me Up and Smoke Me When I Die,” and Merle Haggard, who is on “A Horse Called Music,” also called into the show to give Lukas some praise. “I sure was impressed the last time I saw Lukas. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree,” said Kristofferson. Haggard and Willie talked about getting all of their kids together to record. “We’ve got families full of talent, we might as well,” said Haggard.

Meanwhile, Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real’s second full-length CD, Wasted, is continuing to gain steam. The Patriot Ledger in Massachusetts said that the band’s sophomore album, “rocks harder and has more mind-bending guitar solos.” also recently offered up this praise: “Nelson lets out all the stops with the album’s title track, ‘Wasted,’ which finds the singer/songwriter rocking out like a party animal. He sings its words with a slight growl over a Stones-y groove.”

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15 comments to Lukas Nelson Praised By Kristofferson, Haggard

  • You know this is going to be GREAT!!

  • lori sutherland

    where do i go to hear them sing together?

  • Willie has been a part of our family in music 40 yrs, his son is carrying on his famous father’s legend. Having the likes of Merle Haggard is iconic, a song Merle has been doing for years! “The Fighting side of me” is the heart of America, when it comes to our country! Kris kristofferson is multi talented, his contributions will be many, the impact he has to this day is a respect few ever achieve. The song he wrote “Why me Lord” sung by Jason Crabb, is being heard atone the globe, believe me! people go crazy when they hear Jason sing, Thank you Kris for writing a powerful song. Lucas stick with your roots, you’ll be great, not to mention how proud your father will always be. Good luck!

  • Laura Raynor

    Hi Lucas,

    First of all, I’m for anything Willie had a part of making :0),

    I’ve been watching you grow up on stage and I came to your last concert in LA when your band opened for willie and you joined him in the show. You are an amazing player. thanks for your dedication and courage.

    love and gratitude

  • Ann Marie Goring

    Yes it is amazing… will see you June 10th at Interlochen…. the last time I saw Willie was there 12 yrs. ago!


    Love that Lucas and Willie recorded this duet. Lucas has the “sound” and it must be an honor for him to finally sing with his Dad. Both of them must be thrilled at the good reviews by “the boys”…yes! Haggard’s kids are probably talented too…like the idea of getting them all together. Go guys! PS Lucas is a hottie too!

  • Billy Byrd

    I have been enjoying the new CD Heroes’ for the last couple of weeks. It is good to hear the new stuff as well as the old.
    In particular, I always enjoy hearing the Western Swing selctions by new artists and musicians. “Home in San Antonio” and “My Window Faces the South” are Swing Standards…what better way to teach the kids to appreciate the music and sell a few along the way!

  • Ann

    Very Nice looking son Willie has!I didn’t even know he had a son let alone one who could sing!

  • kaye

    Very much enjoying the Heroes C.D Great talent and glad Micah was also on the C.D.

  • If he sounds like his dad he good. I like willy anthe boys . I think he grate.

  • YOUR grat LIKE your DAD

  • Myra

    “Just Breathe” is an example of how country music can put a twist on any type of song. It is so interesting to hear songs I rocked out listening to 30 plus years ago sung a different way! I hope Lukas will continue singing with his father. That’s one experience he will never have the chance at again. If Haggard and Willie would get all of their children together and record there would be no description of what I know the sound will be! “A Horse Called Music” has been one of my favorite songs for years and when I heard Merle sing it with Willie I just kept playing it over and over. Also, Willie singing “Easy” with Lionel made what I thought was a great song into an even better one. As you can tell, I am excited about the music I’m hearing from Willie and Lukas and can’t wait for more!(By the way – I was country when it wasn’t cool. I wore “Willie Nelson” jeans in college. What I’d give to have them still in my closet!!

  • Michelle Charity Fortune

    How old is Lukas? Damn cute….

  • I had the Willie jeans too. Been a fan since I was a little girl. My dad loved him. I was a fan way back when Nashville tried to change him. Most people cam on board after Red Headed Stranger and Stardust. I love him long before that. I can’t count how many times I have seen him up close and personal. Prefer to see him in small venues, like when I saw him at Willies Place at Carl’s Corner on his birthday a couple years ago. Willie’s Place is no longer there. My brother who lives in Austin hooks me up with some awesome concerts. I was there in person, next to his statue when they unveiled it on 4/20 at 4:20 2012 on 2nd street now named Willie Nelson Boulevard!!! Love him

  • Jim Perrie

    I vote this song just breath, best cover ever

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