Robert Reynolds On The Mavericks Drifting Back Together

When The Mavericks quietly went their separate ways seven years ago, there were a lot of unanswered questions. Robert Reynolds says, “Unfinished business is a perfect analogy or phrase to use, and I also would like to say that over these past seven years I’ve had an increasing feeling that there was unfinished business with our audience.” The guys never officially broke up and there was no big fan fair, instead they just kind of drifted apart and Robert says, “It may sound strange, but I could actually say I felt sadness in my heart over a band that had just drifted, never answering questions. You know I would rather break up over something truly dramatic than to drift apart and never have that exchange with our fans.” But over the years many of their loyal fans have never wavered, always holding out hope that The Mavericks would come back together and Robert wants them to know that their wait was not in vain. “What we did in 03/04, it was genuine at the time but I don’t think it was enough. I think for the fans who have been patient, this is what they’ve really waited for. And I would want them to know that I’ve carried a real genuine hole in my heart for them as much as they seem to have for our music. I’ve missed them tremendously, really genuinely. I’ve missed these people and I have carried a hole in my heart for this. But this is the band coming back that they have longed for. It’s not a little toe in the water, you know, how’s the pool feel.” This is the band they’ve wanted to see.” The Mavericks will release their first new single to radio next month, off of their forthcoming studio album, which will be released this summer.

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