Win $500 And Write A Song With Burns & Poe

Addressing one of America’s hottest topics, both politically and socially, Blue Steel Records’ Burns & Poe are encouraging one and all to share their personal story or sentiment surrounding the employment issue. The release is supported by their “I Need A Job” video submission competition wherein the winning contestant will be awarded $500, a pair of Dan Post Boots, and a writing session with the duo. Contestants are asked to create their own lyric video of the song “I Need A Job” via photos, graphics or video footage and post to any and all general public web pages and social sites (ex. YouTube, Facebook, etc.). The lyric video with the most views between now and December 1, 2011 will be the lucky filmmaker and potential hit songwriter!

For more information about Burns & Poe and the “I Need A Job” Contest, please click here.

Burns & Poe spent yesterday morning (Tuesday, October 25, 2011) with political pundit Steve Gill of The Steve Gill Show to discuss their current single, “I Need A Job,” and introduce the sentiment behind its creation. The single resonates with many Americans who are frustrated with the current state of affairs, most specifically America’s joblessness.

“Steve gets it! We are all in the same boat and if things don’t get better, there is no telling how bad the job situation may get,” Keith Burns explains. “We need to help folks get ‘kick-started” and this is the perfect anthem for their endeavors—a track that demands to be heard!”

“Even in light of the early alarm, we enjoyed spending the morning with Steve,” Michelle Poe added. “It was an enlightening discussion; more often in the conversation, Steve took the words right out of my mouth to help us address an issue that we’ve all seen affect our friends, family and fans firsthand.”

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  • bruce gentry

    Michelle poe, I have been down but im getting back up, this would be the very thing to get me back on track! I loved ur bass w hank and now you sound even better. Please puck me and we will sit in the studio and make country music lyrical history. Did I mention I wanna get married? Lol

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