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Darius Rucker Apologizes To Cam Newton

South Carolina native and current resident Darius Rucker has issued an apology to Cam Newton, who was the first-round draft pick for the NFL’s Carolina Panthers. You see, Darius is a huge Gamecock fan, even attending the University of South Carolina, and when football star and Heisman Trophy winner Cam Newton helped to blast the singer’s beloved Gamecocks 56-17 in 2010, Darius said the player would never cut it in the NFL. He was way off the mark , and he has since apologized to the rookie quarterback.

“I was one of those who, when he was coming out of college, me being a Gamecock fan and knowing what he did to us and the SEC last year, I was a hater,” Darius told the Charlotte Observer. “I’ll never forget his first [regular-season] game. I told a buddy that Cam is going to get blown up. I would like to apologize to Cam Newton. I was dead wrong.”

“His football IQ is off the charts,” Darius continues. “I love his body language. I love the way he walks down the field. You know he’s a leader. Every day I’m becoming more and more of a Cam Newton fan. If you’d told me last year I’d be saying that, I’d have said you’re crazy.”

Darius, who’s climbing the country charts with his latest single, “I Got Nothin’,’ is a huge football fan, but you won’t catch him wearing a favored jersey on game day. “No, I’m not that guy. Anybody over 30 who wears a jersey is a dork,” he says jokingly. “My brother-in-law is 40-something and he wears a Steelers jersey. Every time I see him in it I make fun of him.” He may not wear a jersey, but he does have the emblem of his favorite NFL team — the Miami Dolphins — tattooed on his body.


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6 comments to Darius Rucker Apologizes To Cam Newton

  • Meggie

    Darius,as an Auburn fan I enjoyed what you said because I love the kid! I love the way the people of the Carolinas have opened up their hearts to Cam. I was afraid he would end up someplace full of impatient haters. Instead, Cam is at my new favorite team.

  • Louis in Sacramento

    I for one have been disapointed with the National coverage of Cam …. So many pundents wrote him off and can’t “man-up” and admit that they were off the mark when it came to Cam … I sat last night watching the Monday night game half time highlights (ESPN) by way of NBC and was amazed .. no Carolina Highlights .. number one pick in the draft top ten statisticly … wow

  • Its good to see an apology because has shown what he can do from the beginning of the season. I figured Newton would be successful at some point but not so soon. The way Cam presents himself he still has a lot of work to do. Go Panther!!!

  • Gerry

    “I love his body language. I love the way he walks down the field. You know he’s a leader. ”

    Exactly – he was a winner at Auburn and I *knew* he’d be a winner in the NFL. Way to man up Darius!!

  • Koulaje

    Thanks Darius for being a stand up, do right man. Only a MAN with principles will admit it when he’s wrong. It’s a quality I admire. Good luck with your new single!

  • Dawn

    Great job for the apology Darius! Love your music! Cam is a very talented football player. I am an Auburn fan and usually don’t watch professional football, but that has changed this year. I try to watch Cam every chance I get.

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