Billy Dean's Chip Off The Ol' Block

Billy Dean has plenty to be proud of with hits like “Somewhere in My Broken Heart”, “You Don’t Count the Cost”, “Only the Wind” and “Billy the Kid”, but he couldn’t have been any prouder than when his 16-year-old daughter recently gave her first performance on the Grand Ole Opry. With her dad singing harmonies, Hannah Dean sang a beautiful rendition of “I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry”. Listen to Billy’s description of her performance below and decide for yourself if he isn’t one proud dad.

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There’s no doubt Hannah has her priorities straight. When asked if she’d like to sing for a living she said that she’s writing as much as she can but she wants to finish high school and then attend college at Belmont. She’d like to get a nursing degree so she can have a plan B but music is definitely plan A. “I’ve just decided that I’m going to work hard at it and if it happens, then that’s awesome” said the young singer.

Billy said he’s torn as a parent about his daughter juggling college and a singing career, “These days by the time you’re 25, you’re almost too old”. But if it did happen in a big way I worry as a father how she’d be able to handle it. But she has been around it her whole life”.

Stay tuned to to find out how you see Billy Dean perform live and in person . . . in his living room. No we’re not kidding and no we don’t mean via web-cam.

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7 comments to Billy Dean’s Chip Off The Ol’ Block

  • Steve Walton

    Billy, you must be sooooo proud! Hannah is a real chip off the old block, roll on the Dean dynasty!

    Steve Walton
    Paphos, Cyprus

  • Teresa Hudnall

    Hannah is obviously your daughter Billy! She has your talent and charisma and she will definitely go far in whatever she chooses to do with her life! Congrats go out to you for being such an awesome dad and to Hannah for wowing them at the Opry!!!!!!!

  • Hannah has ALOT of natural ability(talent) her dad has done a great job, setting the bar a little higher including practice. What will be will be, but it’s so wonderful that she has a Dad making her earn her way but ready to be a dad at a moments notice. What a great family including Stephanie, it’s made Hannah who she is, a girl with dreams and options.

  • katie slay




  • Deb Lengel

    I am honored that I had the opportunity to be at the Grand Ole Opry in the front row center stage to experience the memorable performance by Hannah that evening. I get goose bumps still!!!

  • Laura

    Billy—I can’t believe you and Kenny aren’t coming to Florida for the Christmas Tour!!!

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