Toby Keith Offers Reward For Information On Club Robbery

Toby Keith is offering a reward for any information leading to the arrest of the man who allegedly took money from the cash register at his BelMar Golf Club in Norman, Oklahoma.

“He is angry. Toby is very angry,” Jenni Kennedy, BelMar Membership Director, told KWTV.  “He wants to make sure that people are held responsible for bad behavior.” She was not specific about the reward Toby is offering for information on the robbery, but she did describe it as being “generous.”

According to KWTV, around 2 PM a man stole money from an unattended cash register and was able to escape unnoticed. Toby Keith was not at the club at the time, but he is still doing everything he can to catch the man seen on camera. The amount of money taken from the cash register has not been announced. How the man was able to get behind the counter and into the cash register is also a mystery.

Toby wants members and employees of the club to feel safe while they are there, which is why he is offering the award in order to help apprehend the man as soon as possible.
—Tessa Prince

Contact: [email protected]

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