Blake Shelton And Miranda Lambert Have Twitter War Before Morning Show Performances

This morning was a busy morning in New York City for Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert. Blake appeared on NBC’s the TODAY Show’s Summer Concert series while Miranda performed on ABC’s Good Morning America Summer Concert Series. The two took to Twitter to poke fun at each other before the shows began.

It all started last night when Miranda wrote to Blake saying that their fans would not be watching his performance, but they will be watching hers instead. His sense of humor kicked in when he responded, “Umm…? Are these common martial problems?..”

This morning Miranda tweeted, “On set of GMA! Whoo hoo!” Shortly after, Blake answered her saying, “Oh yeah?!! Well I’m on the set of Today!!! Like.. Today!!! I mean like today.. Now?.. You know.” Miranda, still certain that more people would tune in to watch her, said, “Ok @blakeshelton don’t worry everyone will TiVo you!!! J Good Morning America J”

In the end, Miranda softened up to say, “I love u @blakeshelton. Your my Honey Bee.” Blake responded, “Awe… I love you too my little “white liar”…”

Watching the couple battle on Twitter lured fans all over the country to tune in to the two morning shows. Blake performed his No. 1 hit, “Honey Bee” and his latest single, “God Gave Me You.” With pink guitar in hand, Miranda took the stage to sing fan favorites, “White Liar” and “Gun Powder And Lead.” She also brought up the other two members of the Pistol Annies, Ashley Monroe and Angaleena Presley, to sing their debut single, “Hell On Heels.” Miranda made the announcement that the Pistol Annies will release their debut album on August 23 and that she will release her own new album on November 1. Fans can keep up with the couple by following their Twitter accounts: @blakeshelton and @Miranda_Lambert.
—Tessa Prince

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