Scotty McCreery Wants Faith To Be A Part Of His Album

Since being crowned the American Idol winner, Scotty McCreery hasn’t had time to slow down. He has been doing television performances; he made his debut at the Grand Ole Opry and is also getting ready for the American Idol tour. His song, “I Love You This Big,” has charted into the Top 25 and is still climbing. As he is beginning to work on his debut album, he hopes that his faith will be able to play a role.

“One thing I love about Josh Turner is his faith, that’s why I looked up to him so much,” Scotty told The Boot. “All the albums he’s had have had at least one Christian song, like ‘The Answer’ on his last album and ‘Long Black Train.’ So I’m hoping to have that on my album — that one Christian song.”

Potential songs for the album are already being pitched his way. “We had a meeting with some publishers the other day, and they were throwing songs and demos my way,” he said. “I’ve been taking a look at all of them, so — if you’re reading this, guys — keep ‘em coming! We’re enjoying it; we’re starting the album process right now and just excited to see the finished product.”

Scotty feels “honored and flattered” that songwriters like Rhett Atkins and the Peach Pickers (Rhett, Dallas Davidson and Ben Hayslip) are pitching songs to him. “It’s so cool that those guys who’ve written such big hits are trying to get me to sing their songs … I’m loving all of them!”
—Tessa Prince

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10 comments to Scotty McCreery Wants Faith To Be A Part Of His Album

  • Fizzy69

    I love every performance he gave on American Idol. I’ve never been this excited about American Idol before.. We (our family) watched the program every year…no one had ever struck us like this young man did. I’ve been his loyal fan since the audition.The voice is amazing, his personality shines through every performance, he sincerely perform every song to us , we can feel it. It is truly a mark of a great performer & remarkable entertainer! Seriously, this young man had captured the hearts of not only young girls, but men & women too. Nobody else on the show had a fan group that includes grandma like he does : “Grandmas for Scotty” . I’m 42, a mom & listen to his song everyday…Best Of Luck to Scotty McCreery !!!!!

  • Dude u need a hair cut.. Im just a girl who thinks u need a new hair cut. lol haha CUT IT U DONT LOOK CUTE AS U DID BEFORE

  • Chrissy

    Wonderfully put–I agree entirely. I truly hope he can have a VERY long-lasting career–so this 40 something Mom can listen to him that whole time!

  • Tina

    I listen to Scotty sing his song and the other songs he did on American Idol everyday to. He just has an amazing voice. I am a forty something year old mom also.

  • Charlie69

    So much to read the comments from the forty something mum’s. I’m one too and this was the first American Idol that I didn’t want to miss. A friend told me about Scotty, then I watched and was hooked. I am waiting (not so patiently) for his album to come out. I’m from New Zealand.

  • bk63

    This is also the first season we did not miss an episode! Ages from 3 to 73! You have 4 generations of fans in this house of West Texas!

  • Jeremy Rodgers

    hey man i think its a great idea to have a christian song on you album. because with god you can do anything as long as you accept him!

  • great grandma J

    I am a great gramma nearing 70. I have adored Scotty since his first appearance on the show. I sincerely admire his desire to be known as a Christian as well as a singer. I wish him success and happiness.

  • bekah wyatt

    I love scotty mccreery. i have his album and listen to his songs all the time. i to am a christian, and it’s nice to know that I will for sure meet him in heaven!!!!

  • Debra Gnemi

    Scotty, just heard your song “Something more” fantastic job. Reminds me of the work that Alan Jackson has become associated with; you are in good company, friend!

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