Toby Keith Is A Good Friend To The Troops

You ‘d be hard-pressed to find a better friend to our troops than Toby Keith and it looks like he has no plans of slowing down. Keith recently returned to the Middle East and set out on his ninth USO/Armed Forces Entertainment tour. Keith has traveled across the globe as a USO celebrity volunteer for nearly a decade, delivering smiles and a much-needed touch of home to troops and their families.

“Since my first tour, I’ve been hooked on performing for troops. I start looking forward to my next USO trip the minute I touch down here in the States. I love it and I love our troops, they are the best in the world.”

Since his first USO tour in 2002, Keith has traveled to 11 countries and participated in eight USO tours. He has lifted the spirits of troops and their families stationed in Africa, Belgium, Cuba, Germany, Italy, Korea, Kosovo, Kyrgyzstan and Macedonia, as well as those U.S. troops on the front lines in Afghanistan and Iraq – many of whom were serving at small remote forward operating bases.

In 2007, while visiting troops in Afghanistan, Keith recognized the need to deliver the small comforts of home to service members stationed in remote locations. His idea later became known as the “USO2GO” program – a USO program that sends much needed electronics, entertainment and personal care items to troops in the field. To date, USO2GO bundles have been delivered to more than 500 remote forward operating bases in Iraq, Afghanistan, the Philippines, Egypt, Djibouti and Kuwait.

In recognition of his ongoing support for U.S. troops and their families, Keith was presented the 2009 Military Officers Association of America (MOAA) Distinguished Service Award.

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5 comments to Toby Keith Is A Good Friend To The Troops

  • tydance

    Thank you, Toby Keith, for your dedication to the young men and women that serve our country. You do this year after year and you go to bases as well as remote locations where there are just a small number of our military just to give them a little bit of home and you did it at Easter this year. Take care and God Speed to you!

  • Thank you from the bottom of my heart for entertaining our troops. My grandson is in the Navy and I know you made his day. May God bless you.

  • Toby –you are such a God-sent! I admire you for so many reasons but going to see our Troops is amazing. I know our men are protecting all mankind in the Us as well as other parts of this world and they need people like you to let them know they are loved. God Bless You dear Toby .

  • Dallas Texas

    Interesting article since troops on the ground aren’t finding Mr. Keith to be as much of a friend as advertised. Today he has refused to shake hands or take pictures with any of our troops. I’m completely disgusted.

  • Jerry

    Thank you Toby and lots of us looking forward to your visit to Djibouti on April 25, 2012.


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