Ottawa Radio Station Lifts Ban On Carrie Underwood

At first it appearaed that one radio station in Ottawa wasn’t too thrilled that Carrie Underwood’s hubby, Mike Fisher, has been traded from the Ottawa Senators to the Nashville Predators. Last Thursday, the Twitter feed on Ottawa’s pop radio station 105.3 KISS FM read, “Since Mike Fisher is getting traded to Nashville …we are banning Carrie Underwood from our radio station!” The program director of the station, Gayle Zarbatany, mentioned that it has no plans to lift the ban on Carrie’s music, adding, “This is a wretching announcement and the city is completely upset. He’s the (team’s) second-most popular player and it’s awful.” It’s not like Zarbatany doesn’t understand, though, adding, “He’s married to her. Where is he going to live? She’s in Nashville and he’s here.” On Friday though, the radio station changed its tune and posted a nice send-off for Mike on their website that is addressed to their listeners. It reads, “Thanks for all your calls, emails and Facebook messages. Yesterday 1053KISSFM, home to Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Pink and The Black Eyed Peas, declared a “ban” on Carrie Underwood’s music. As regular listeners we want to thank you for realizing this was our ‘tongue in cheek’ way of saying goodbye to Mike Fisher -as we do not play Carrie Underwood’s music. Mike was the heart and soul of the Senators and our city’s finest ambassador. We will miss him and Carrie – Ottawa’s first couple – and wish them great success and happiness in their future.”

Source: Dial Global
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5 comments to Ottawa Radio Station Lifts Ban On Carrie Underwood

  • I know I have these over the wall ideas,but since that radio station took the time to grab some publicity why dont they front the tab to have Carrie do a one off concert in Ottawa. And then show some class and give the ticket sales money to the childrens home there that Mike supported. They do that I’m in for eight tickets.

  • Tri Vo

    omg people are so childish. get over it.

  • e stevens

    The ban lasted long enough to produce a song: see the Fisher and Underwood Hockey Trade Song at

  • Jim

    I do not really care? I do not think that Carrie is real country music anyway!

  • Bobcat

    Is this 105.3 12 years old or what. banning an artist from their play list. And they wonder way people tune to Sirius/Xm radio. Come on 105.3 grow a pair, play what people would love to hear. If your spouse moved to a different town because of a good job, would you not move with your spouse? Grow up!! When I’m in the Ottawa Valley area I will be tuned to my satellite radio.

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