Miranda Lambert: Happy, Platinum And Packin'

Miranda Lambert tells Ladies Home Journal that her life right now is so happy, it may hinder her ability to write country songs. She shares, “Being happy is horrible for songwriting, especially for country music. We just want to write about leaving and sadness. We’re all better when we’re tormented. I have to put myself in a dark place if I want to write something good.” With all the recent success and fame that has come Miranda’s way as of late, she misses out on a few of life’s simple pleasures. The superstar says, “I can’t even go to Wal-Mart anymore. I’ve gone through a lot of weight issues and spent my 20s going up and down. I called my trainer a month before The CMA Awards [last November] and said, ‘I’m ready to make this a lifestyle and not a crash diet.’ Every time an event was coming up I was trying to figure out how to lose ten pounds in two days. I’ve always been a size eight-ish. Now I’m down to a six, which is fine with me. When you’re onstage, you don’t want to be thinking about what’s jiggling.”

Lambert, who has two guns tattooed on her left arm, reveals that she keeps a Colt .45 revolver on her bus, and yes, she is licensed to carry a concealed weapon. Miranda also opens up about what she’s been doing to pay her family back for all their love and support. A couple of years ago she bought her folks a new Ford Expedition, and Lambert is currently putting her brother Luke through college at the University of Texas in Austin. She elaborates, “We live within our means. I don’t have a big mansion. But I have 700 acres that no one can take away from me. It’s amazing to walk around my land and think, ‘That’s my tree that I bought with my hard-earned money.’ That’s something that my dad wanted to do, and he couldn’t. I feel like I’m doing this for my family now.” The issue hits newsstands tomorrow.

In other Lambert news: Miranda celebrated the platinum success of her Revolution album Friday night with a party at Nashville’s Icon, and the entire crowd wore platinum to mark the occasion. Miranda was also dressed to the nines in a platinum dress that she credited her stylist for selecting. Just before the party took shape, Miranda talked about the now million-selling album that changed her life:

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