Miranda Lambert & Blake Shelton Want Neal McCoy To Perform At Their Wedding

Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton’s wedding is expected to be a huge event. At least that’s what Blake tells E! Online, noting, “I think we have two wedding planners.” But Shelton himself isn’t doing much planning. He says, “That’s a good thing. The only thing I had a hand in is in the music.” The couple chose a fellow country star, Neal McCoy, to perform at the wedding. Blake shares, “We were at a concert this summer and watched him and we both looked at each other, high-fived and said, ‘There’s our guy.’ And then we said, ‘Whatever it takes to get him there, we’re going to get him there.” As for where the honeymoon will be nobody knows. Shelton admits, “I’m not lying, we still don’t know what we’re going to do. We can’t decide. We haven’t made any plans.”

Source: Dial Global
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