Mike Fisher: It feels Good To Be In Nashville

Carrie Underwood’s hockey star husband, Mike Fisher, is opening up about his move to the Nashville Predators. He says he wasn’t at all surprised of the backlash he got from his Ottawa, Canada fans either, telling Canada’s The Province, “I laugh about those things.” And what about being referred to as “Carrie Underwood’s husband” in certain headlines around Music City? Mike shares, “I’m used to it. It’s to be expected. This is where she is. Some people know me down here and hopefully I can make a name for myself.”

Fisher says he hopes the change of scenery from the media cauldron of Canada to laid-back Nashville will allow him to start enjoying the game again. He reveals, “It’s been the toughest season I’ve had as a player, ever. It’s not fun losing. You’re always under the microscope. There’s the same questions every day. Down here, there’s less pressure from the media and I think it allows guys to go out and play the game the best they can and not have those other pressures. For me, I think it’ll be a good thing.”

So what was Carrie’s reaction to the trade? Mike shares, “She was a little emotional at first. She knew I never really wanted to leave (Ottawa), but after that she was excited, too, because what better place for me to be. It’s a bit of an adjustment but it’s kind of like playing at home because I spend a lot of time here anyway. It feels good.”

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