Jason Aldean: It Doesn't Work Without My Wife

Country’s birthday boy, Jason Aldean, who turns 34 today, may have a country rocker exterior when he’s onstage playing for fans, but once he steps off the stage he is a sweet husband and dad. Jason says he and his wife, Jessica have been together since he was 17. He shares, “So with us, we’re best friends… I don’t even know if you can describe it, I mean, it just doesn’t work without her, you know what I mean?” As for his daughter’s Keeley and Kendyl, Aldean holds ’em close. He says, “My mom used to always say, ‘You’ll understand why I get so freaked out about things sometimes when you have your own kids,’ and once I did, you know, I get it. You’re so terrified that something’s gonna happen to one of them, you smother them sometimes.”

Jason ’s powerful duet with Kelly Clarkson “Don’t You Wanna Stay” reached the top spot on the Billboard Country Singles chart today becoming the ACM Entertainer of the Year nominee’s sixth career No. one. The second release off his PLATINUM album MY KINDA PARTY also continues to hold strong in the No. one position on iTunes’ Top 10 Country Songs.

“It’s a pretty killer birthday present, that’s for sure! My family and friends are going to have to work VERY VERY hard to beat what country radio and the fans have already given me today,” laughed Aldean. “On a serious note, I am really proud of this song. Anybody who says they wouldn’t be nervous to try and go note for note with a vocalist like Kelly Clarkson is straight up lying to you! So, I do feel a huge sense of accomplishment to have pulled it off in the studio and on live tv with her, and then for everyone else to have responded to it the way they did…it’s just incredible, and you never take those things for granted.”

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4 comments to Jason Aldean: It Doesn’t Work Without My Wife

  • liz

    Don’t you wanna stay is the most beautiful song EVER! Way to go Jason and Kelly! It’s like this song was made for the both of you to sing together!

  • Tammy

    Jason, its so great to know you and your wife have been together since you were just a teen. And that you two are best friends. My husband and I have been together since we were 15 and 16, and almost 29 years 3 sons and 5 grandkids later, were still together and more in love than ever! I love hearing true love still happens, although its a rare thing anymore! So very happy for you two!

  • Jean

    The two of you are incredible on this song, your voices mesh so well together and the chemistry on stage is awesome to watch. My sister and her husband also have the kind of marriage you and Jessica have and it gives others so much hope. Congratulations and Happy Birthday – Can’t wait to see you this Summer.

  • Hi Jason Aldean I just wanted to let you know that I am one of your Biggest Fans and If I ever have to Daughter of my on One Of these days I am Going to name them both After your Daughters… I love the names that you Gave to Your Daughter’s… and I also Love you and also your Music… Love always Your Number 1 Fan Courtnee.P.S. I what to be a Country Singer Just like you… I am A True Country Girl……

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