Crystal Shawanda To Perform At Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

Crystal Shawanda, who made a name for herself at country radio with hits like “You Can Let Go,” “My Roots Are Showing” and others, is also a proud First Nations member of the Ojibwe band in her native Canada. Tomorrow, she will represent her heritage when she performs on the Onieda Indian Nation’s “True Spirit of Thanksgiving” float in the 84th annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City.

Crystal, who was born in Ontario, Canada, and grew up on a Native American reservation called Wikwemikong on Canada’s Manitoulin Island, will ride the entire two-and-one-half mile Parade route and perform “Let’s Come Together” for the NBC television cameras on 34th Street. Last year over 3 million spectators lined the Parade route, while 65 million television viewers enjoyed NBC’s Emmy Award-winning telecast from 34th Street.

Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade has been a beloved holiday tradition for millions of people of all ages, and Crystal is no exception.

“I am so honored to represent all my relations, it truly humbles me,” said Crystal. “I watch the Macy’s parade every year with my family, so this is as surreal for me, as it is exciting.”

Crystal has been touring exhaustively throughout the U.S. and Canada and has been writing and recording material for next album. Her debut album, Dawn of a New Day, debuted at #2 on the Canadian Country Albums chart and #16 on the Billboard Top Country Albums Chart and became the highest charted album by a full-blooded Canadian First Nations country artist in the SoundScan era. Her I’ll Be Home For Christmas album was released last year.

Photo Courtesy of Sony/BMG Nashville.

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13 comments to Crystal Shawanda To Perform At Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

  • David

    Looks like it was not a live sing. Looks like she lip synced it. Look at the very beginning.

  • I have Crystal’s first album and totally in love with it – I just love her voice and, unfortunately, have not been hearing her at all and was starting to wonder what happened to her and then my son told me “Crystal’s on the Macy’s parade so I went and watched”. I still love her and wish her all the best and will be in line when the new album comes out.
    Best Wishes in the music industry and a long prosperous future. Let me know if her website becomes active.

  • jon moss

    -“I am so honored to represent all my relations, it truly humbles me,” said Crystal”-

    I liked how she represented her relations by wearing zero skirt and looking like a tramp. how embarrassing for native people.

  • Be nice know. Don’t get jealous

  • She looks very professional and beautiful like the rest of the women singers in today’s world. Good job Crystal. You go girl!

  • joe

    Crystal you looked amazing…given the fact that it is required by NBC to lip synch..everyone who has ever heard you open your mouth and sing , knows you blow away Gloriana and the little girl with mandolin(which she obviously cant play!) @Jon if designer clothes offend you, you just sound jealous! most native people are proud to see one of their own on network television…You Rock Crystal and you make MOST Native people proud….dont worry about the backwards,jealous opinions of the close minded few!!

  • Kat Hans

    I was very happy to see a native sister represent us so well! Many blessings Crystal, you make us proud!

  • Kathie

    Crystal, you were awesome!!!

  • I was so proud to see you perform at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade! I told my daughter I knew you when you were first getting started at Tootsie’s….you’ve come such a long way! CONGRATS!

  • Crystal Shawanda, You are making Native people proud all over the USA, You are truly gifted and creator has touched You in a very special way. Dont pay attention to the negativity…i remember when Cher came out…Native people rejoiced..and She is only half Breed( thas what the song says anyways lol) Aho Kola…Thank You for giving my daughters something to look up to p.s. i know lots of native guys who liked your skirt haha it was very classy!!1

  • chantz lindle

    I personally know crystal and have heard her sing around a living room full of close friends and family. She has a very unique and awesome voice. I wish her the best in life and with her career!

  • PaulaP

    I was not blessed to be able to see or hear you in the Macy’s Parade but believe me my husband watched Crystal on TV and as soon as I got off work he was telling about her.He told me that this one girl I would love to hear,he said she had a great voice and that she was native american.That really sparked my interest,anytime anyone from the native american community can belt out songs like that (“SIT UP AND TAKE NOTICE”)I love the hell out it.Believe me I will be buying her cd.

  • Lisa Hernandez

    I think Crystal should of opened the parade. Everyone is always focused on the Pilgrims, its time to give credit to the Native Americans. Oh, David, who cares if she was lip syncing. Get a life. Rather than looking at lips, listen to the lyrics, they have more meaning.

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