Justin Moore Gets A New Tattoo

Justin Moore posted a picture of his new tattoo on Twitter last week. It was in honor of his daughter Ella Cole’s birthday, February 11, which Justin had inked in roman numerals.

More Moore News: Justin recently stood as best man for a guy he used to not like one bit. While the two are best friends now, they weren’t always so tight. Justin shares, “Me and him used to absolutely hate each other. And it was one of those kind of deals where we played ball against each other and that kind of stuff, and his mother end-ed up marrying my uncle. And so my uncle was like, ‘Man, would you please try to help him out? Be buddies with him?’ I was like, ‘No. I hate him. Why would I do that?’ [laughs] And 13, 14 years later here we are and we’re best friends.”

Source: Dial Global
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1 comment to Justin Moore Gets A New Tattoo

  • eric wild

    thats a awesome tattoo justin moore has love justin moore cant wait to see you in august at the rodeo

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