Ronnie Dunn Shows Off His New Tattoo

During Brooks & Dunn’s final concert last Thursday in Nashville, Ronnie Dunn showed off his brand new tattoo that reads “COWBOY” in big letters on his right forearm. Ronnie explained to the crowd that since he didn’t get to wear a cowboy hat throughout his career, he walked into a Hollywood shop on Melrose Avenue and asked the guy to “make him a cowboy.”

Before the big reveal at the show, one of Dunn’s fellow country singers, Trace Adkins, noticed the new ink. Trace joked about it with a room full of reporters:

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Photos by Cheryl Walker

Source: Dial Global
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9 comments to Ronnie Dunn Shows Off His New Tattoo

  • Nivasi

    Hey,.. no shame in not wearing a cowboy hat, no shame in a tat.

    the shame is.. Trace Adkins pokin’ at Ronnie for having to remind himself of what he is (grins)I love Trace’s humor and I hope Ronnie can handle it.. if not.. am sure Trace will show ’em that the “Cowboys back in Town”

  • Chromefan

    When Trace decides to stop singing (not in the near future I hope) I would pay to go to his comedy shows. He is truly hysterical—-!

  • Eleanor DeWitt

    Ronnie….you don’t need a tatoo to be a “real” cowboy! If
    I were your wife I’d make you remove it. I think they are

  • Katie Lynn

    Eleanor ~ I’m sure Ronnie is thinking thank god you aren’t his wife and I think that was totally rude of you to say! There are millions and millions of people with tatoos out there, I guess you are not one of them. Keep your opinion to yourself!

  • Cowgirlw/ohat

    Get your hair back so we can see those eyes and I don’t care what you tattoo on what…..that voice can melt chocolate a hundred miles away. You are who you are and you evolve as you grow….take care

  • L-O-V-E the Tattoo love the man (Ronnie) Love his hair leave the man alone..And oh that voice.. he is just fine

  • gary

    Nice to know you appreciate tattoos, but not freedom of speech. Doesn’t eleanor have a right to express her opinion? Or are tattooted people in favor of canceling the constitution, which grants of the right to express our opinions to others. Incindentally, millions of people die of smoking each year. It doesn’t make them smart just because millions are doing something.

  • Johnny Fontane

    While you should be free to do whatever you want to your body, I don’t understand why you would want to write “cowboy” in big block letters on your arm. It just looks cartoonish to me.

  • Randee Morrison

    Hooo!!! LOVE that tattoo!!!

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