Featured Songwriter: Carson Chamberlain

Carson Chamberlain, a native of Berea, Kentucky, started professionally in the music business as a musician and bandleader for Keith Whitley. After Keith’s untimely death in 1989, he became tour manager for Clint Black, and more recently he held the position of tour manager for Alan Jackson. In April of 1994, Carson took the position as Director of A&R for Mercury Nashville and was promoted to VP of A&R until his departure. Now Chamberlain is focusing all of his energy on writing and producing.

As a BMI songwriter, Chamberlain has penned several number one singles for Alan Jackson such as “Love’s Got A Hold On You,” Everything I Love,” and “Between The Devil And Me.” His penned song, “The Best Day,” the first single release from George Strait’s Greatest Hits LP, quickly moved up the charts and stayed at #1 for three weeks. “The Best Day” is now part of George Strait’s multi-platinum hits package entitled 50 Number Ones.

As a record producer, he has had other #1 success with the Mark Wills’ singles “I Do (Cherish You),” “Don’t Laugh At Me,” and “Wish You Were Here,” all #1 songs from his platinum-selling LP entitled “Wish You Were Here.” Mark’s first single “Back At One” from the last Chamberlain-produced LP entitled Permanently, quickly went to #1 on the charts.

In 2002, Chamberlain produced the Billy Currington’s debut album for Mercury Records. Chamberlain also co-wrote the hit singles “Walk A Little Straighter” and “I Got a Feelin’” with Currington. Both songs were Top 10 successes for Currington. More recently Chaimberlain produced Easton Corbin’s self-titled debut album.

Other artists who have covered Carson’s songs include Travis Tritt, John Michael Montgomery, Billy Ray Cyrus, Keith Stegall, Don Williams, Gary Allan, Chad Brock and The Lynns.

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15 comments to Featured Songwriter: Carson Chamberlain

  • Brenda

    Carson, Remember Johnny’s Dating Lounge days? Love your work. You guys sang “ole gray mule” for my birthday. Then Mike Chamberlain sang “you look so good in love” and his trick was to insert my name in there. We all hung out for several years (off and on). Sweetest bunch of guys in Dayton. Lots of love and continued luck in all you pursue. If you are ever in Dayton, Ohio…[email protected]. well Johnny’s is closed up. He has had a few strokes but is still kickin.

  • Elie Backer

    Where can I send my demos for you or other artists you produce attention?

  • Carson,
    We met through Boulet Western Boots while you were with Alan Jackson, then stayed in touch through the Wrangler Jean years. I am happy to see that you are a very successful song writer.
    I am in Nashville regularly with my new company Old Gringo boots and would love to reconnect with you sometime.
    Phil Horge

  • Dora Fisher

    I am looking for information on a Wayne Chamberlain. He played with the Russell Brothers from Ky for a short time. He played the drums for them. They played Bluegrass at Renfroe Valley and other areas. They used to always come to a small town down the road from me called Freetown, IN on the 4th of July. My family got to be friends with them and we always had a nice visit to catch up when they were in town. I have often wondered what happened to all of them and those who have traveled with them over the yrs. Was just wondering if you might be this Wayne Chamberlain or know of him. He head blonde curly hair back then. He once ask if I would have my picture taken with him and I did. Would just love to know what has happened to some of the Russell Brothers. Thanks so much.

  • Kendra Brelsford

    Carson, long time no see! We need to talk. I still live in Denver. We met while you were working w/ Alan through my friend Cindy who is a flight attendant w United. You were good friends. I have something I would like to share with you. E-mail me. Hope you’re doing well! God Bless

  • "Montana"

    Carson: Got a great song for you!! How do I get it to you? Best wishes, “Montana”

  • Bonnie K.

    Hey, Carson,
    Saying hello from Oregon. Re working song written with Harley. Would like to hear from you.
    Bonnie K.

  • Pam whitt

    Hi, Omg so glad that you have made it big! bandit band will forever be in my mind!lol Flowers we got you all for valentines and singing momma he’s crazy lol taking johnny’s 50 bucks was the best still have a pic somewhere of the beer you guys bought me when I sang delta dawn first time on a dare!great times. Happy things are going great with you! Pam hopemike is doing well also.

  • Wayne

    This message is for Dora Fisher (posted July 20, 2012). My name is Wayne Chamberlain and I am Carson’s younger brother. I stumbled upon your post entirely on a whim as I occassionally check up on Carson via the internet. Carson and I played in our family country music band until we were in our late teens. Carson and I then formed a Top-40/Southern rock band in the late 70’s. I know I’m giving you more than you asked for, but this is to say that my playing with the Russell Brothers came about as a result of their regular drummer being unable to perform with them for a few months. We had known the Russell Brothers for years as our family band played many shows around Kentucky where they were also performing. Because of the connection, they asked me to perform with them for a few months one summer. I cut an album with them (Live at the Big Red Barn) and also played several fairs with them in Indiana that summer (1975-1976??). I later became a professional drummer with Josh Logan (Richmond, KY). Carson was the steel guitarist and our first-cousin Mike was the bass player. I quit the music business in 1981, after which I played as staff drummer at Renfro Valley for only a month or so. (I mention this because you referred to Renfro Valley in your post). I have been preaching for the past 25 years (Missouri, New Jersey, Kentucky and currently New Mexico). Carson and Mike went on to play with Keith Whitley. Randy Hayes later became Keith’s lead guitarist. Randy had played bass for the Russell Brothers years earlier. I apologize that I can add very little to your curiosity regarding the Russell Brothers. I have had no contact with any of them for decades. Jeff Parker (a good friend from Berea, KY) plays with one of the leading Bluegrass groups in the country and I’m confident he could fill you in on the Russell Brothers’ history. You can easily find info on him — just search: “Jeff Parker mandolin player”. I just wanted to make the connection with Carson for you. You took a “shot in the dark” and got a very close hit. Nice to know someone still remembers me from those years.

  • Lee Bradley

    Hey bud! Long time no see…….hope you are doing well………..I think often about the early days before Keith….

    All my best,

    Lee Bradley

  • Dean Rader

    Harold Russell recently passed away. Harold was a member of the All American Bluegarass and had been playing and touring until his health wained. Hobert lives with his wife Joyce in Sand Springs, KY. He still plays and sings with a local band at churches and local gatherings. Billy Gabbard has since passed and I’m not sure about Bobby.


    I recently obtained some items from Harold Russell’s personal music collection. Along with over 1,000 records, (some personally signed by fellow music artist), I obtained 4 of the original Jewel Recording Studio master tapes of the “Russell Brothers”. The recordings were produced by Jewel, when Rusty York was owner/producer. The reel to reel recordings produced the albulms: 1. Take Me Home Country Roads 2. Magnify The Lord In Songs, 3. Live At The Big Red Barn, and 4. Country Grass. I am sorry that I missed out on seeing the Russell Brothers in person, but have developed an outstanding appreciation of their unique style, and amazing vocal harmony. May their music live on for many, many years to come!
    M Sheets

  • Susan Baskins

    Hey Carson from Augusta Georgia! I’ve written to you many times through the years but the mail was always returned. I’m so glad to see that you are living out your dream. I can tell by the comments left on here that you are awesomely nice to everyone you meet. You sure are a special person!

    I was looking on the internet trying to find help to reach a specific goal. This search lead me through many avenues but mostly to dead ends for what I need to achieve. Just when I was getting weary I thought of you and googled you. I have googled you many times before with no luck. But this time was different. I hope that you will have an opportunity to reach out to me. It is a slightly urgent matter. I’ll keep searching for help but please know that what I’m trying to achieve is for an 8 year old little boy. This young man will really grab your heart. His story will break your heart.

    I know I can count on you,
    Thanks more than you’ll ever know!

    Susan Baskins

  • Theresa Addison ( Stanbery)

    Hello Carson Floyd Stanbery said he talked to you the other day I asked him if he remembered me from when you played in the band with dad I told him I remembered you and your brother and when your mom made apple spice cake with the butter sauce really good.Would like to see you again let you meet my family.

    Theresa Addison

    Merry Christmas
    and a
    Happy New Year

  • dora fisher

    This is for Wayne Chamberlain. I also am rarely on here and had actually forgotten I posted anything. I just ran across tonight whenmy husband was searching and ran across Russell Brothers info….so I then took over. lol I still have the picture of us and ….embarrassed to tell this now….but I had the biggest crush on you! Ha ha you were so nice to our family. I remember my brother was closer to your age and he asked to take your picture. You told him only if I was in it with you. You made a teenage girl so happy. Sorry to embarrass you…just always wanted you to know how sweet that was for a very shy and backward girl. I have shown that picture to both my kids. I also have the album you referred to. I don’t think your picture is on the over though. I believe Clarence “Penny”Perry was with them back then on the banjo. I have since found out that all members have passed away. Harold Russell most recently last May in IN. So funny how our famiy loved seeing you all at festivals… son can play about any instrument and my daughter loves choir and has been in musicals 3 years now in high school. She also dates a guy in a folk band called Mayan Miscalculation who will be in Nashville this summer trying to get “known”. Thanks so much for your gracious reply. I was so excited I nearly jumped in the air with excitement ! So glad to also know you have a blessed life and are spreading Gods word! If you have a fb, please look me up. Would love to share that old photo with you….red eye and all. lol

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