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Thread: Where to live for families

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    Default Where to live for families

    HI There,
    My husband and I and three year old daughter are considering relocating to Nashville soon from San Fransisco. My husband went to Vanderbilt and knows business contacts there. He is just beginning his job search. He likes the Hillsborough area. What do you think of that area for me as a stay home mom seeking community of other families with small children? I am very social and like to play music, and get together often with other moms...
    Please advise,

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Hillsboro Village - Nashville, TN

    Hillsboro Village is a great area to live with kids! It borders Vanderbilt University and so close to downtown Nashville. About half of the married couples in the Hillsboro area have kids. - and keep in mind since you are so close to Vanderbilt, there will be lots of college kids around (not sure if that would make any difference to you).

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    Default Crieve Hall

    I live in Crieve Hall and think it's a great area. It is an older, established neighborhood with lots of young families and older residents. Most of the houses were built in the 50s and 60s, but they are on spacious lots instead of crammed right on top of each other. I used to live in Green Hills, but the houses were either stacked right on top of each other or were astronomically expensive.

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