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Thread: Hotels in Downtown Nashville

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    Default Hotels in Downtown Nashville

    Hi there

    Am just wondering which hotel would be closer to public transport please - Hampton Inn & Suites Downtown Nashville, or Holiday Inn Express at 920 Broadway? (also, if it's the Holiday Inn Express, will that be noisy every night near bars? I am travelling with my 75 yr old mum so would like to avoid a noisy area).

    thanks very much


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    There's a free shuttle (Music City Circuit) that runs frequently (Downtown & Gulch lines) through downtown Nashville. Hampton Inn & Suites is near 4th & Broadway and Holiday Inn Express is on the corner of 10th & Broadway. If you look at the map, Hampton Inn is close to to both the Green and Blue Circuit and not too far at all from the Purple Circuit. Holiday Inn Express is close to the Green Circuit. Are you looking to go anywhere in particular?

    Here's a map: http://www.nashvillemta.org/PDF/2010...ASystemMap.pdf

    As for noise at the Holiday Inn Express - I would suggest you request a room that faces opposite of Broadway (toward Commerce Street).

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    Hi Jojo

    Thanks very much for your reply. I did see the free shuttle map awhile ago but wasn't sure if it was very close to Hampton Inn & Suites, but now I know. I assume Hampton Inn is in a quiet area? Perhaps I'm wrong? I think it may be nicer than Holiday Inn Express? I have another hotel in mind also, on Union St, but just can't think of the name of it at the moment to ask you about that one also.

    We will be visiting all the usual tourist things in Nashville as we are there for 7 nights (e.g. CM Hall of Fame, etc) but Mum can't walk many blocks so it would be best to have a hotel very close to a bus stop or trolley stop so that we can get around.

    Also will it be warm enough in May to wear t-shirts? Or will we need long sleeve jacket all the time during the day do you think?

    Thanks very much for your info, it's much appreciated.


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