Hello everyone.

My name is Marc-Alan Barnette or MAB (Rhymes with CAB) and I am a professional singer songwriter music consultant in Nashville Tn. I work with writers and artists in their goals to find out more about the craft and art of songwriting and the practical application of that craft to realistic advantage in the modern music industry.

It is very competitive out there with you being more likely to be struck by lighting in a submarine underwater than achieve real success. But there are many things that can happen and we all can take the talents we have been giving and positively touch other people's lives.

I work with writers and artists through workshops, seminars and my songwriter "tours" of Nashville, where I take them through the paces, arrange introductions and do what I can to help them see things in the real light of day.It is a great town and great business and I love to show it off.

I do forums like this as a service to songwriters and artists trying to find their way in an increasingly challenging business. I offer the truth,given straight and without sugar coat, but I do try to give many sides of any issue when it comes to this business. I don't concern myself with hit records, big concerts, deals, or any of that. I work with people on fundamentals and show them ways to get the most bang for their buck and to keep from going crazy and broke.

If you have questions I am happy to offer an opinion. I have current artists like Frankie Ballard on Warner Brothers records and Steel Magnolia on Big Machine records who have benefitted from my advice, writing and performance skills. I pass on what others have passed on to me.

If you need me, I am around. Ask, I tend to show up. For more information on me or what I do, feel free to visit my web site, www.marcalanbarnette.com

Good luck and happy trails chasing your dreams.