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Thread: Hot Spots in Nashville

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    Default Hot Spots in Nashville

    Nine of us are going to Nashville in November and only 4 of us are country music fans. We are trying to "convert" our friends. I'm looking for the Hot Spots and the best place to stay close to everything. We're 30-40 somethings looking for the best bar/night life. Any suggestion are greatly appreciated. This is everyone's first trip to Nashville.


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    My friend and I just went there for the first time this summer. We stayed at the Hampton about 1 mile away from the strip which was fine but we had to take a taxi (there is another hampton down there near the bars and other hotels that i would def stay at next time just so you could walk).

    As far as night life, we wandered up and down the strip until we found something we liked or the bouncers asked us to come in (ALSO ask the bouncers where the best place to see the best acts are that night, they wont hesitate to send you down the street to see someone and they are usually right!!).

    I really liked all of the bars on the strip as far as country music goes; we never ventured to any other genre bars. Wildhorse is a must just to say you went and coyote ugly is pretty neat but both of these are around the corner. We went to all of the bars in one night which was rough but doable and makes for good stories but as far as the highlights: Tootsies was good (and again a must to say you went), i loved Legends (apparently Joe Nichols was there when we were but we missed him), at Rippys there was an awesome band (shoot i cant remember the name but if i remember I will put it up here because if they are in town they are a good show), second fiddle was ok, we had lunch at cadillac ranch and saw an awesome act (that is the best part, music plays from 10 am on so you could have country music all day practically haha), paradise park was great, the wheel was eh. All in all though, I dont think there are any really crappy places to go, everyone is super nice and will point you towards the best thing that night! Have fun, I cant wait to go back!!!

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    Well buddy according to me there is a place in nice... Hampton really beautiful.

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