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Thread: Not only for tourists...

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    Default Not only for tourists...

    I will be visiting Nashville and am looking to see the city from a resident's point of view. Not interested in visiting the "tourist" spots this time around. Any suggestions?

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    I guess then depending on what interests you would help - for example any interest in hiking or fishing? Then Radnor lake would be the closest place to Nashville for that. Anything around Broadway is going to have a little tourist element - no matter what. Same thing applies for the Nashville Zoo, Frist Center for Visual Arts and Cheekwood Botanical Gardens.

    Just over by Music Row, there's a place called Losers owned by George Straits manager and it's a locals place. Theres also the Red Door about a block up from there. If you're into shopping, then go to Cool Springs Mall. Opry Mills Mall attracts tourists and residents alike.

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