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In a world where much of rock has lost its passion in a soulless sterility of studio smoke and mirrors comes bree - a 25-year-old religious cult castaway who discovered the truth the first time she plugged into a Gibson Flying V and cranked up a vintage Marshall amp.

bree's influences ranging from Buddy Holly, Eddie Cochran and Patsy Cline to The Beatles, The Who, The Clash and The Ramones. In short, bree has carved out her own slice of the rock n roll pie.

"In the studio and live it's just the three of us," says bree. "Keeps it honest. Keeps it real."

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bree NEWS
bree selected as one of "Most Anticipated Acts" at
33rd Annual Tropical Heatwave Music Festival
Creative Loafing Tampa - (05/07/14)
bree: Interview on New Driven Radio Sherry Sabine - (04/07/13)
Video for "I'm The Boss" added to - (03/10/13)
bree Performs Before 35,000 At Nashville Mardi Gras HIP Video Promo - Andy Gesner (03/04/13)
bree: Interview On Nashville FOX-17 Rock & Review - Eric Dahl (02/26/14)
bree: CD Review (UK)
"This is a collection of great pop rock songs, with a big dollop of glam
glitter added on top."
The Soul Of A Clown - Paul Hastings (02/02/14)
bree signs with The Company Nashville to book 2014 US tour
First show is Saturday May 10th at the Heatwave Music Festival in Tampa.
HIP Video Promo - Andy Gesner (01/29/14)
Exclusive Interview: bree Rock Confidential - Jesse Capps (01/15/14)
Nashville rocker bree releases "I'm The Boss" video Music News Nashville (12/05/13)
All American Girl one of Top 11 albums of 2013
"Bree combines straight forward hard rock, a bit of southern hospitality vocal twang and rock solid songwriting winding up with one of the best records of 2013, easily."
Legendary Rock Interviews Magazine (12/03/13)
Release Date for "I'm The Boss" video
"I’m The Boss blends hard driving American rock ‘n roll with bree’s relentless sexuality and aggressiveness."
HIP Video Promo - Andy Gesner (11/25/13)
A Conversation With bree Volume Treble Bass - T Bone Mathely (10/06/13)
bree: CD Review
"Bree offers an exploding debut album that will hook you from the very
first note."
Crows N' Bones - Sakellis Manos (10/01/13)
bree: CD Review
" amazing set of pipes, rock and roll swagger and songs that bring
to mind a smoky dive bar with her front and center with her trademark
Flying V and owning the stage."
Break Off The Chains - Women Rock! (09/07/13)
bree - Saved By Rock-and-Roll Guitar Girl Magazine - Caroline Paone (08/28/13)
Concert Review & Podcast: Mercy Lounge, Nashville 07/26/13 Concert Blast - Milke Arnold (08/10/13)
Live Interview: bree & Her Flying V
New Driven Radio (07/31/13)
bree: Interview with Artist Direct
"This fiery Nashville-based redhead seduces with her sultry and soulful
voice and slings a Gibson Flying V with no inhibitions and a whole lot of
incendiary talent."
Rick Florino - Artist Direct (07/10/13)
bree: CD Review
"There has been a 30-year absence of legendary girl power rock. The drought is officially over."
Michael Rampa - High Octane Music News (07/01/13)
bree: CD Review & Interview
"...“All American Girl” is already on my short list for best album of 2013."
Legendary Rock Interviews - John Parks (06/24/13) (06/19/13)
Mike Ragogna (06/18/13)
Sound & Vision Magazine - Ken Richardson (06/18/13)
100% Rock Magazine - ToddStarr (06/18/13)
bree: CD Review
"...takes in decades of influences and spits the out in raw, dark, tones."
Milwaukee Sentinel - John M. Gilbertson (06/17/13)
This Is Nashville radio broadcast (06/13/13)
bree: CD Review
"...the pipes of Pat Benatar and the attitude of Steven Tyler."
Neufutur Magazine - James McQuiston (06/11/13)
Music News Nashville - Dan Harr (06/11/13)
bree: CD Review
"...brings a sharp feminine twist to the tried & true style of rock n roll."
Idobi Network - Hannah Pierangelo (06/10/13)
bree: CD Review
"...would make Peter Townsend and Keith Richards proud."
Roth n Roll - Kaj Roth (06/09/13)
Digital Journal (06/08/13)
American Songwriter (06/06/13)
Swerve Magazine (06/06/13)
WFDU-FM That Modern Rock Show (06/01/13)
bree: CD Review
"This is who Jagger should jam with..."
International Review Of Music (05/16/13)
bree Cuts Her Slice Of The Rock n Roll Pie
"...a rising star in a genre that has been short on top female talent
since the days of legendary girl power rockers Patti Smith, Debbie
Harry and Chrissie Hynde."
Michael Rampa - High Octane Music News (05/11/13)
The Weekling (05/11/13)
Palace of Rock - Sweden (05/02/13)
Russell Trunk's Exclusive Magazine (05/01/13)
Artist Direct (04/18/13)
AltSounds (04/16/13)
FanLaLa (04/15/13)
PRWeb Press Release (11/19/12)..
bree Cannery Ballroom
Photo: Jeffrey Marcom

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