Your smile will give you a positive countenance that will make people feel comfortable around you


Welcome back Team David followers,

I send good thoughts of entreaties to the victims and their families in the Washington D.C. Naval Shipyard shooting massacre. Another senseless act of work place anger management gone askew, but I will let all of the information come to the surface to avoid any speculation or judgment.

I trust everyone had a great weekend and I certainly hope you had an opportunity to enjoy the pleasant fall weather. You can tell the daylight hours are beginning to wane and the change of the autumn season is near as the great American pastime of football is underway.  I enjoyed watching our Titans play on Sunday against the Texans in a great game. I am sorry for our loss, it’s a game, someone has to lose; our standing is now at 1-1. I am going to Monday morning quarterback here and state the Titans need to work a little bit more with the offensive players if they don’t another ugly repeat next Sunday against the Chargers. Also there is no need for a player to celebrate a touchdown victory.  You are a paid professional athlete, please act like you have been to the goal line before and I am positive you won’t be penalized with fines.

I am doing really well this week, not any major pains, aches, or surprises.  If I can get Audrey II off her diet to eat more this week, all should be fine. She has been a little off-kilter the past few days for some reason or it could be the new meds. Thanks to the steroid use, the swelling has diminished on my right side and I am as energetic as my fledging hummingbirds.

Speaking of hummingbirds, the change of season is upon us and it will be soon time for them to start migrating south for the winter months. I have enjoyed watching them this year through the window as my entertainment break for the day. I watch as they attack each other over the feeders and I love it when a red wasp invades their territory. I take delight in all the colorful species of hummingbirds, but I certainly do enjoy the bright hues of the Ruby Throated the best. I made my last batch of nectar for them in preparation of taking down the feeders for the year at the end of the month. The little creatures are an amusement of amazement for their size. I marvel at how such a little bird is able to hover and maneuver as a part of the magic of nature. As a science enthusiast, I am in awe at the number of unknown species yet to be discovered as we probe our planet deeper for the understanding of life.

It also amazes me how far the wonders of modern medicine has progressed in the leap and bounds over the past few years. I am an oddball with the Hospice organization when it comes to my prescription “comfort” medications. I adhere to my simple mantra of “I don’t use any, I don’t want any, and I certainly don’t need any more chemicals added into my body.” I had enough radioactive toxins, uranium isotopes, and nuclear pharmaceutical injections over the past eight years with the chemotherapy and radiation to forego any need start a new chemical reaction inside of me as an extra worry to burden. No thanks; I will keep my two ticking time bombs in lieu of a tradeoff with an unknown and apply the adage, “You don’t swap horses in midstream.”  The doctors, nurses, family, friends and I all agree what I am doing now seems to be working just fine for me without me becoming a WDZ (Walking Drugstore Zombie).

I appreciate reading your responses to my question, “What would you do with your last Jelly Bean?” I hope you enjoyed the video with its perspective of time in Jelly Beans. I had several personal comments sent to my inbox. I was amazed at the number of results with the similar replies of sharing your last jelly bean; even if it was the liquorice flavored one. I have hope for the future.

Today my thoughts and prayers are to the people in the flood ravaged state of Colorado. I have relatives in the hard hit area of Longmont and I will be praying for them as well. The sun is expected to shine there today, but more rain is forecasted for tomorrow. I am positive the good people of Colorado will be able to pull through this calamity and the area of the state affected will be rebuilt back to the majestic beauty the state is known to possess.

I would like to express my extreme gratitude to the staff at, for their continue support of my blog. In addition, I would like to especially give my appreciation to John Iaacheri for allowing a platform to write about my personal journey. It gives me great pleasure inside to know I am not alone as I travel down this road of life and I certainly enjoy the companionship of all my followers.

Well good folks, that’s a wrap for me for today as I have some pressing tasks left to complete before the evening.  Everyone have a great one!!

Go Team David!

Stay positive until tomorrow…

“Your smile will give you a positive countenance that will make people feel comfortable around you.”
~ Les Brown

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