If you don’t like something, change it

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Welcome back Team David followers,

TGIF!!!  What a difference a day makes in the weather. One of the first things I did was to shut off the a/c so I could raise the windows in the house to enjoy the fresh morning breezes. The cooler temperatures and brightly beaming sun we experienced today brought out the change of season in me. I thoroughly enjoyed a country drive around lunchtime with all the windows down and sky roof opened.

I hope my followers don’t mind, but today’s blog is going to be part visual part commentary.  I happen to run across this thought provoking and moving video on YouTube in which I would like to share with my followers. The short segment is enlightening to the average number of days in a human life. I sincerely hope it will give all my followers my perspective on life as well a new inspiration to your life in Jelly Beans.

After watching the video I would like for all of my followers to please answer the final question and post your response either to the separate link I will provide in a FB post or as a comment left under this blog. I am grateful to have such a wide and varied audience following me and I sincerely hope the video will lead to a culmination of sage advice from the different aspects on the values we all seem to have inside of us as we journey through this time called life. I will be looking forward to reading your comments and thoughts.

Please complete MY following question TO YOU:

“My last jellybean would be spent….”

Well good people this is a wrap for the day. The weather is expecting to more of the same for the remaining of the weekend. I strongly urge everyone if you have the opportunity to get out and take advantage of the weather.  Remember this is the last weekend to attend the Tennessee State Fair!!

Also, my thoughts and prayers to the families and friends I have in the Colorado flood area.

Go Team David!

Stay positive and I will see you back on Monday.

“If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.”
~Maya Angelou

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9 thoughts on “If you don’t like something, change it

  1. Rhonda Lawrence

    I would use my last day\jelly bean letting all my firends and family know how much I love them and how happy they have made me in my lifetime, I would reflect on my life and hopefully I can say Yes I have lived and loved to the fullest!!

  2. Ernestine Clark Patterson

    “My last jellybean would be spent taking the time to smell the roses, feed the birds, then read the Bible and count my blessings for the wonderful journey that I had as I walked through this thing called *life*. Next would come my daily journal for precious notes that I would leave to my beloved friends and family that had walked hand in hand through this thing I have called *life* showing me how they cared and how much they loved me. I would leave a very personal note for each one with instructions on how to celebrate the way I celebrated ” my last jelly bean”. Finally I would curl up in a comfortable chair, watch the beautiful sunset and gently allow my last jellybean to slip between my fingers as the cool evening air chilled my hands. A smile would be on my face and my heart at peace with the world. As darkness engulfed me my eyes would close and my last jellybean would be gone forever. My Heavenly Father awaits me…knowing that I have not lived my life in vain.

    “Proud to be on TEAM DAVID”

  3. Laurie tarpley

    For my last jelly bean, I would make sure it was a mango one and not the popcorn one. If you are going to take the time to eat something that is popcorn flavored, well…… It should be popcorn! I would spend the day with my family on the beach!

  4. Dacia Whitworth

    my last jellybean would be sitting on the back portch with family and friends laughing and reminising over all the jellybeans before

  5. John Ball

    .. from bean one we begin the dying process .. we surround ourselves with life’s, distractions, unnecessary worry trumped up needs and wants just to find ourselves wondering what freedom might actually be like .. Is total freedom beyond this life? Are we never ending? .. Will we ever know? ..

  6. Deborah Andrade

    My last jelly bean would be spent with my husband, two children and my granddaughter. They are my joy in life! I love them with every ounce of being that I have and I could not imagine my life without them. I hope they are with me when I take my dying breath.

  7. Mary Smith

    David, I think my ideal day out of this life for me would be a day spent at a nice lake side campground with my family and my friends.. throwing and/or skipping rocks and climbing on the banks and rocks. Enjoying one of Tims BBQs..and your peach cobbler..or even the blackberry It has been ages. I have always seen this as one of my most peaceful places in life. Maybe because this came before the grown up jellybeans 😉 It does seem we all turn in the same jellybean direction of peace, love and calmness when we say what we would want on our departure from this life. This we all do share and most of us have never met.
    Thanks David for this blessed moment~ <3


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