God never ends anything on a negative; God always ends on a positive

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Welcome back Team David followers,

Welcome back to Monday.  Ahh the weekend was great and I especially enjoyed my 51st birthday sharing it friends and family. I want to thank everyone for your birthday wishes and comments which were posted to my wall. In addition, I want to thank those who sent private in-box messages, cards, and voice mails all were more than I was expecting and I am blessed to have such a grand group of Team David followers.

I want to give our Titan’s (2-1) a big high-five for their win against the Chargers on Sunday as they continue on their winning streak. I was thoroughly glued to the television set during the last few seconds of the game. I was not quite sure if what I was watching was a football game or a game of hot potato. It was amusing to watch all the lateral passes being tossed about until the clock ticked down to zero.

I am doing really peachy today, still pluggin’ and chuggin’ along. I am now the ripe old age of 51, something of a milestone for me. I am looking forward to seeing if I can out wit, out last, and out play Death in my ultimate game of Survivor for my next birthday. There is not much I ask for in my world at this point; inner peace, great friends to share my road with, and strong shoulders to help me unburden my problems which pop up from time to time. Folks, I will be honest, there are times when life gives me a bushel basket of lemons and I cannot help but feel pushed to the limit and overwhelmed. But thankfully, I come from good stock, and I can rely on my family to help me through whatever the problem is I am working through.  Alive Hospice also provides a social worker for their patients and I enjoy taking a different view on an existing problem.

I finally finished my goal of completing my book. I am heeding the good advice from my editor and I am taking this week off to let it rest before I go back to reread for continuity and clarification. I am told this is the best method to see if what I have written is what I want to express to my readers. I am already looking forward to the book signing events. LOL.

Well good folks, this is a wrap-up for the day. I need to catch up on chores from my birthday weekend and I need to some ongoing projects finished.

Go Team David!

Stay positive until tomorrow…

“God never ends anything on a negative; God always ends on a positive.”
~ Edwin Louis Cole

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