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Fri 29, 2014
Ashton Group
About Us is Nashville's home page and the world wide brand for Nashville on the web.  Nashville is a globally known brand and holds a special place in the hearts of those of us who call Nashville home.  The team at is proud to be working with local bloggers, businesses, and brands in its effort to continue to showcase Nashville's greatness to the world while making it an even more beautifully liveable city. 

Our team includes but isn't limited to the following lovers of Nashville.

Mitch Ballard - Editor in Chief

Mitch Ballard moved to Nashville, TN in 1992 after graduating from the University of North Texas. Previously an on-air talent in radio and television in his native Texas, After more than a decade of traveling 200+ days out of the year managing artist concert tours, Mitch joined WV Fiber to run DevDigital. 

With a long background in the music business, Mitch quickly developed web-based applications for music booking agencies (currently with 13 clients) and a system to manage concert tours.Rascal Flatts, Jason Aldean, Clay Walker, Trace Adkins, Skid Row and other national acts currently use DevDigital´s technology to coordinate and share all tour logistics with their staff. Mitch travels to Baroda, India twice a year to work hands on with the DevDigital team that has grown to a staff of over 40.

Peter Marcum - Publisher

Prior to his move to Nashville, Peter Marcum lived and worked in Louisville, KY, as a freelance programmer, and computer/network sales and independent reseller. Peter came to Nashville in 1990, to take over ownership of the Computerland franchise for middle Tennessee and North Alabama. Computerland handled  the majority of corporate sales and network installs in Nashville. The company grew to a $30 million operation in 1994 and Peter sold the company in 1995. Peter and other founders formed Essex Technology Group in 2000. Essex is in business today, with both a large web business and numerous storefronts. Peter remains a minority partner.

In 2002, Peter Marcum created Wilhagan Ventures, (the WV initials), with himself as CEO and majority owner. Peter built and operated a coast-to-coast IP fiber network, reselling wholesale bandwidth to customers such as Charter Cable. WVFiber was merged with a colo-operator in 2008, ending Peter´s involvement. Through this experience, Peter learned about data movement, and the various technologies this requires (bandwidth, storage, load balancing, etc.). It remains in business today, and the map can be seen through a Google search. Today,  Peter is part of Dev Digital, formed in 2006, and the former programming arm of Fiber. It is growing quickly and employs about 55 people.

Hal Turpin: Social Media specialist and Photographer
Joanne Bergstrom: Calendar / Forum Editor
Jerry Holthouse: Music Editor